Pricing Page

Chocolate cake

1250/- per kg

Chocolate cupcake with Nutella

95/- per piece (at least minimum order of 15 cupcakes)

Chocolate mousse cheesecake

1400/- per kg

Dark chocolate truffle cake

1450/- per kg

Oreo cup cheesecake

55/- per cup(minimum of 12 cups)

Tiramisu slice

135/- per slice (min order of 6slice)

Vanilla cupcake with chocolate

90/- per cupcake (min order of 15 cups)

Tiramisu Cake

Traditional Tiramisu

Black Forest Cake


Chocolate Mousse Mirror Glaze

2200/-per kg

Chocolate Toffee crunch slice

100/- per slice ( min. to order 6 slice )